Written by Jade Carroll

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Balancing mom life and fit life

Where is your balance between being a mama and having a fit lifestyle? How do you decipher between the two, and where do you “draw the line?”

I feel like it took me about 8 months to finally find my groove and the routine that would work best for both Maverick and I. During my journey through motherhood so far, I’ve found that many women don’t think about or appreciate the beauty of the in-between chaos and struggles of getting back into pre-motherhood fitness lifestyles, but instead they only want to jump to what their final end result may be. Although it took me (what felt like) much longer than some other moms that I follow on social media to get back into my groove, I still understood the time and hard work they went through to reach their goals again.

In my case, I don’t have family close by and my husband works a tedious job and long hours. I had to figure out timing and scheduling on my own for both Maverick and I. I had to rearrange my workout schedule, find new nannies, locate new gyms and create new routines so many times that I can’t even remember, just to be able to fit into my busy days.

I tried going at 5 am before Maverick woke up so his daddy would be home before he left to go to work. I tried bringing him with me to two different gyms when he was still tiny enough to stay in the car seat beside me. I’ve tried going late once his daddy got home and we tried hiring a nanny to come to our home. Each and every single option was sufficient while it lasted, until something came up. I started feeling guilty leaving my son home with a nanny because I wanted him to socialize, play and be out with me. On top of my guilt, the gym I brought him to didn’t have great child care and he started getting sick too often and began to be unhappy each time I dropped him off. I couldn’t seem to make anything work and I was on the verge of giving up. But I didn’t. I kept at it and kept reevaluating and trying to find somewhere where we would both be happy. I kept trying different things to find out what made Maverick the happiest little man he could be so that I could concentrate and zone out for a short amount of time to get my workout in. I wanted to make sure I was putting his needs before mine (and I always will).

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