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AMPD Re-Vitalize

Daily Detoxifying Cleanse

How many of you are willing to do whatever it takes to lose a few extra pounds? People tend to fall into the pitfall of taking shortcuts to try to reach out ultimate goals for body weight and shape. Typically, when people want a shortcut way to rid their body of toxins and promote weight loss, they look to a cleanse. What they don’t realize is that when engaging in a juice cleanse or liquid-based diet, they’re ultimately starving their bodies of calories, fiber, macronutrients, and micronutrients. This may cause a lack of energy, hydration, mental clarity, strength, and can greatly reduce the body’s ability to digest and metabolize foods.

A large problem with shortcut cleanses is that it is not an optimal solution for LONG-TERM weight loss. It’s possible to lose weight when doing a shortcut cleanse, however, your body will begin to adapt to what you are consuming and slow your metabolism, damage cellular processes, and weaken your digestion. When we begin to eat a normal diet again, your body will not respond immediately and there’s a high chance of digestive damage and weight gain because your body won’t know how to properly utilize the extra calories you’ll be consuming compared to the cleanse calories.

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So how can you get the benefits of a cleanse without damaging your cells? Integrating detoxifying ingredients into your daily diet plan can help optimize your metabolism, reduce inflammation, keep you hydrated and well-nourished, alkalize your body’s pH balance, provide support to your natural detoxification system (liver/kidney/digestion function), aid in the absorption of micronutrients essential for cellular repair, and have several other wellness improving benefits. Your cells are complex and finely tuned to process whatever you are putting into your body. It’s important to consume nutrient-rich foods for your body to use as fuel to produce, repair, and regenerate cells.

AMPD Nutrition has composed a product to do exactly this for you. Re-Vitalize helps you integrate detoxifying ingredients into your diet to give you all of the benefits of a cleanse without sacrificing other aspects of your health. AMPD Re-Vitalize will be available mid-July!

See chart below for a full list of ingredients and their benefits.

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