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How To Optimize Your Post-Workout Recovery

How many of you know the effects of post-workout recovery on the body or know the right way to go about it? The recovery process after any training; whether you are in your living room, after a trial run, cycling or in the gym; is beneficial to your physical progress. So that being said, how do you recover after a workout session?

Importance of Recovery after a Training Session

Post-workout recovery is essential as this is the time that the exercise or training take effect in the body. The recovery process can be likened to digestion after eating a meal. One very important benefit of recovery is that you have enough energy to continue the rest of the day. Remember that your body system is a working machine that needs rest after an overtime to recover and function well. Secondly, the rest period allows the body to repair damaged or torn tissues and ligaments as without rest the body continues to break down from the over-stress of the training. Thirdly, lack of rest will cause you to relapse or fall sick.

Symptoms of lack of recovery after training: under-performance, fatigue and stress, lack of concentration, hormonal imbalance, injuries and swellings, poor sleep patterns

Types of recovery Methods

There are two kinds of recovery techniques – the short-term and long-term recovery.

The short-term recovery involves taking part in a lower intensity workout in between high-intensity workouts like on the spot jogging, shuffling or walking around the gym and finally, the cool down process.

The long-term recovery process is inbuilt rest days incorporated in a long time intensive training sessions such as having rest days in-between heavy and long intensity exercises or work out. This is usually practiced by weightlifters, high-intensity cardio, interval or Tabatha workout, and any exercise exceeding the normal simple exercise routine.

Drink A LOT of water: After any workout, the body loses water through sweating; a substantial intake of water is needed to keep your hydrated or else you will be weak from dehydration. To make sure I am drinking enough water, I include AMPD Re-Charge which helps to replenish the electrolytes that my body loses when I train – without any added sugars! Their formula provides the ideal ratio of BCAA’s to prevent my muscle from prematurely failing and includes proven metabolic enhancers (Glutamine, Beta-Power, and CLA). AMPD Re-Charge is not only refreshing and keeps me hydrating, but it also helps to prepare my body for recovery.

Get a Massage: Believe me even when you don’t feel the pains immediately, still get a massage or else you will be so sour you might break-down later. These days most gyms are equipped with foam rollers or balls that you can use to ease the tension around your body on your own or better still ask your gym partner to help massage by adding some weight on the area.

The Contrast Shower: You all know that during exercise, lactate acid builds up in the muscle that causes pain after training. The contrast shower is a rather new phenomenon in the fitness industry that originated in Soviet Eastern Europe. The process involves the athlete immersing themselves in extremely cold water and then into warm water alternately. This process helps to fasten the recovery process by improving blood flow around the body and stop inflammation and the production of lactate acid in the muscles. The method works best that running into the shower after a training session.

Eat a Good Meal: A workout session depletes your energy storages and a good meal is a right way to go after an intense workout. A good meal should comprise of proteins to rebuild the muscle mass and carbohydrate to fill the fuel tank with glycogen that is the main fuel used during training. Although several recommendations have been suggested by dietitians and fitness gurus over the years, your training session should determine your post-workout meal. A good work out meal should be taken after 1 – 2 hours after the workout and if you are away from food; a protein shake made with AMPD Pro is a better replacement before a full meal. AMPD Pro is a plant-based formula that is made from rice, pea and chia and provides a combination of specialized vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that work synergistically to support your body’s systems at the cellular level.

Post-Workout Supplements: I cannot deny the importance of supplements in the regeneration and strengthening of the body. These days vitamins, and protein shakes are available for athletes and trainers to help them recuperate before a good meal. Zinc and Magnesium also help to fasten the healing process of muscle recovery and recovery. AMPD Re-Cover has some of the best recovery ingredients available, all in one formula. Perluxan helps to keep inflammation down and your joints feeling brand new, while HMB and ZMA help to promote muscle growth and faster repair. Lastly, AMPD Re-Cover includes all of the essential aminos your body needs to build new muscle. This product has made a world of a difference in my post-workout recovery!

Sleep: This is the best recovery you can get after any training session. A good sleep relaxes the entire body – physically and mentally. You must have heard it over and over again, but 8 hours of sleep allow the body to repair itself and make you ready for the next day or your next training session. Fitness experts and doctors recommend turning off the TV 30 to 45 minutes before bedtime and keep all electronics away, dim the lights or out them off and get into bed.

Have Rest Days: we all want to lose weight and be fit, but every day trying only stresses the body out and the effect of the exercise becomes a wasted effort. Rest days allow for proper recovery and assessment of the body. If you can’t take a break, perform a low-intensity workout on the rest day that doesn’t over-stress the body or stretches to get you ready for your next training session.

Remember, the recovery is as important as the training session and as much as we want to run heads-on into our daily activities, a good recovery optimizes the training and give you a better result.

Noemi Olah, IFBB Bikini Pro