Erica Altman

Erica Altman

Why Natural is so Important

First off – Hello, it’s so nice to meet you! I am excited to write this and share some of my experiences with you today and am super eager to get to know my new AMPD family. You might not know me yet but I am sure we will get along just fine – I am an everyday girl, working in corporate America trying to find balance in fitness and health! Fitness and health means a lot of things, one being what we put in our body, in this case – supplements!

Here’s a little background of my supplement history – I have been in the fitness industry since 2009. Working with different supplement companies, educating myself around creatine, whey protein, fat burners and hard-core pre workouts. Although I valued my time learning about the “bodybuilder” way, I started realizing the facts about artificial supplements and ingredients. Over the past couple years, I have slowly incorporated healthy, natural routines.

My Favorite Natural Routines

  • Taking a shot of apple cider vinegar each morning

The benefits of apple cider are outrageous – who knew this little change could have so much positive impact to the body! The important factor about taking apple cider vinegar is making sure it is RAW (natural) and with the “mother”. With the “mother” means that it is unpasteurized and contains the natural benefits, including the strands of protein and enzymes found in this vinegar. You also want to make sure you are buying apple cider vinegar from a glass jar and not a plastic container. This will help preserve the natural ingredients found in the vinegar.

I purchase my apple cider vinegar from a whole natural food store like Earth Fare or Whole Foods. You can also find it in AMPD Re-Vitalize! Besides apple cider vinegar, Re-Vitalize integrates powerful ingredients to help optimize metabolism, reduce inflammation, promote hydration, alkalize pH balance, provide support to your natural detoxification system, aid in nutrient absorption, and more. Start your day off with one scoop mixed with warm water to detoxify your body! (You can add ice cubes in after, but it mixes better with the warmer temperature.)

  • Drinking fresh lemon water (all day, every day) –

I start off my mornings, with hot lemon water – on an empty stomach. After reading many articles on the lemon juice and lemon water benefits, I started incorporating it throughout the entire day. I don’t go overboard with the amount of lemon juice, I only use about 1 lemon per day. I found that this was just enough lemon juice to help my digestion, skin and overall health. Now I won’t leave the house without my lemon water!

  • Making my own celery juice –

I will say that I am not as consistent with making celery juice as I would like to be, but WOW – I feel the difference when I drink it. Research has shown that celery juice is best in the morning, on an empty stomach. So I do just that! I make my celery juice first thing in the morning – in my Ninja bullet. You don’t need a fancy juicer to make this recipe. I blend my celery stalks and a squeeze of lemon in my bullet and drink it up!

Celery contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help with bloating, constipation, acne, and eczema. I personally have seen a difference with energy and skin, I sometimes don’t even need a coffee in the mornings (I said “sometimes” right?) Hehe!

All of these natural practices have so many great benefits but I found I was throwing them out the window when consuming artificial supplements.

So why are natural supplements so important?

Natural supplements contain whole, high-quality ingredients. This means no added sweeteners, colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, or fillers. This natural approach ensures you are setting your fitness journey on the right track! The track to start feeling better and looking better! Just like AMPD products, these too are natural with no artificial ingredients. It’s important to feed your body with the best sources available, to help rebuild and repair from the inside and out.

My #quicktip to getting started on a natural routine is to take it step by step. Pick one thing you can change or incorporate into your everyday routine – like drinking hot lemon water before breakfast! Try this routine for 3-4 weeks before introducing a new step.

These small changes can make a huge difference!

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